About us

Hacken is a global ecosystem for white hat hackers headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our ecosystem consists of a token — the Hacken, and a constellation of businesses providing services, which can be received only by using Hacken as a payment instrument. The amount of Hackens is finite, limited to 5,6 million tokens, which will be distributed during the pre-sale and the main token sale.

The businesses comprising the Hacken Ecosystem are the HackenProof bug bounty marketplace, Hacken Cybersecurity Startups Incubator, Cybersecurity Analytics Center and HackIT Conference.

The main idea behind Hacken is that it turns each owner of Hackens into a community member. Because Hacken is a specialized software utility token, being primarily focused on cybersecurity professionals and projects, it will also bring these people together by providing incentives for doing business with one another and for investment in cybersecurity startups. These people will need to communicate and interact with each other in order to make use of their Hackens. The more vibrant the community is, the more value it delivers to each member.