This is pre-alpha version of the hackenproof platform, some forms may work incorrectly

How it works

Firstly, a customer signs up for a bounty hunting program, chooses a defined program policy, selects suitable white hat hackers and set a level of bounty payments for the researchers selected.

Then, our in-house experts help customers set up and customize their programs, and manage it if need.

When the scope of the security assessment is established, our team invites the Hacken community to participate in a bug bounty program. It means that hundreds of experienced white hats are looking for vulnerabilities and bugs in a customer’s code until a budget set is run low.

During a program, the community members submit bug reports. Subsequently, these reports are checked for relevance, severity and originality either by our triage team or professionals provided by a customer.

Consequently, the community members receive a reward for discovering valuable vulnerabilities that approved in accordance with their significance.

Also, a customer can additionally order advice from security architects of Hacken to develop and take countermeasures if needed.

Eventually, customers whose codes were precisely reviewed get a Vulnerabilities Certificate to fix all of them. Optionally, there can be a separate Countermeasures section in the Certificate, listing all the issues discovered by the researchers and patched by a client.