Serenity Shield Testnet Campain: Program Info

Serenity Shield

Ended 238 days ago

We're thrilled to announce the incentivized test net for our StrongBox DApp, in collaboration with our partners at BonusBlock! As a token of our gratitude for your participation, we are offering a share of a 50,000 SERSH rewards pool worth a magnficent $10,000.00

The primary goal is to gather essential feedback from our community. Your recommendations are important to us, and your input will directly contribute to improving and developing the DApp for future live mainnet versions.

  1. Access will be limited to desktop devices for this version of the DApp.
  2. You need two wallet browser extensions installed on your web browser before you can begin: Keplr & Metamask. These extensions are necessary for interaction with the platform and the DApp.
  3. Detailed instructions and a step-by-step tutorial [] on accessing and using the DApp are provided in the video attached to this announcement. Please watch carefully to get started 👀

To be eligible for rewards from the 10,000 SERSH pool, participants must complete all steps and successfully mint the NFTs.

  1. Watch tutorial [] on setting up the necessary wallet browser extensions and accessing the DApp.
  2. Visit BonusBlock [] and connect using METAMASK.
  3. Connect METAMASK wallet to ensure you register for SERSH rewards.
  4. Next, access the DApp via the provided link.
  5. Explore DApp and ensure you complete all steps. In order to be eligible for rewards, you must mint the NFTs.
  6. Submit your feedback by using the attached form - []