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TTC | Protocol

The TTC Protocol is a decentralized and token incentivized social networking protocol that aims to provide a brand new social experience for users all over the world. The TTC Protocol connects every participant in the TTC ecosystem by establishing common guidelines for different DAPPs.



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Completion date: 08/02/2019
Maximum reward: $5000.0
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The SDK allows developers and communities to easily integrate TTC Protocol into their services which will grant access to the TTC Ecosystem. The release of TTC SDK lays the foundation for DAPPs in TTC Ecosystem and TReE (TTC Reward Engine.) Currently, TTC SDK is implemented into tataUFO and ALIVE, the first two DAPPs in the TTC Ecosystem.

mobile blockchain


Completion date: 10/19/2019
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TTC | Mobile

TTC Connect, a lightweight wallet designed specifically for TTC, it was used to receive and send TTC safely and easily!


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Start date: 12/13/2018
Completion date: 12/13/2021
Maximum reward: $5000.0
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