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ERC20 API Approve/TransferFrom

ID Submit date Publish date Author Score
1 10.26.2018 10.26.2018 9.4


Here is possible attack scenario:

  1. Alice allows Bob to transfer N of Alice's tokens (N>0) by calling approve method on Token smart contract passing Bob's address and N as method arguments
  2. After some time, Alice decides to change from N to M (M>0) the number of Alice's tokens Bob is allowed to transfer, so she calls approve method again, this time passing Bob's address and M as method arguments
  3. Bob notices Alice's second transaction before it was mined and quickly sends another transaction that calls transferFrom method to transfer N Alice's tokens somewhere
  4. If Bob's transaction will be executed before Alice's transaction, then Bob will successfully transfer N Alice's tokens and will gain an ability to transfer another M tokens
  5. Before Alice noticed that something went wrong, Bob calls transferFrom method again, this time to transfer M Alice's tokens.

So, Alice's attempt to change Bob's allowance from N to M (N>0 and M>0) made it possible for Bob to transfer N+M of Alice's tokens, while Alice never wanted to allow so many of her tokens to be transferred by Bob.