YOLOrekt Community Bug Bounty


Ended 125 days ago

Launch is coming up and we are opening up our smart contracts to our community of Web3 developers and degens.

Gitbook: https://docs.yolorekt.finance/docs/smart-contracts-and-auditing Github: https://github.com/YOLOrekt/community-bug-bounty

In scope: all smart contracts. Out of scope: style/pattern recommendations, unless significant gas cost savings can be realized.

Tiers: HIGH: any vulnerability which has catastrophic implications, such as permanent Denial of Service (DOS), draining of user, liquidity provider or treasury funds, takeover of access or administrative privileges.Reward: $5,000 USDC

MEDIUM: can corrupt important data, such as user participation tracking, or cause disruptions in the operation of the markets, such as delays in processing of rounds, less critical access control issues.Reward: $1,000-$2,000 USDC

LOW: minor, yet nontrivial oversights, causing loss or modification of noncritical data.Reward: $100-$500 USDC

Easter egg: $500 USDC.

No limitations on toolbox used to sus out bugs.

Starting in August, Medium and more severe bugs most be disclosed privately and not published until resolved.

Github: https://github.com/YOLOrekt/community-bug-bounty

Dework: https://app.dework.xyz/yolorekt/main-space-86?taskId=9ea0fdb4-fff0-42b3-966e-26939339195d

Discord: #bug-reporting give us a shout for discreet reporting or help on reporting the issue.

All valid bugs will be checked and acknowledged.