Bug Bounty Services

Receive reports on security bugs from hackers, customers, and independent security researchers before cybercriminals can exploit those vulnerabilities.

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Bug bounty program

Bug Bounty Program

Use our sophisticated platform to enlist the help of the hacker community to uncover critical vulnerabilities.

Depending on your needs you can run a Public or Private bug bounty program.

Public bug bounty programs are announced publicly. They are available for anyone to participate.

Private bug bounty programs are by invitation-only. They are open only to a select group of hackers with proven skills.

Crowdsourced penetration test

Crowdsourced Penetration Test

Use this service to supplement or replace traditional penetration tests, with an aim to tackle severe vulnerabilities in a short timeframe.

A crowdsourced penetration test is a combination of a time-bound bug bounty program, a security assessment and remediation recommendations from our internal team.

Crowdsourced penetration tests are invitation-only and last from two to six weeks.

Responsible disclosure

Responsible Disclosure

Use our platform to receive vulnerability reports discovered by third-party hackers, free of charge.

By using the Responsible Disclosure service you will ensure that security reports end up in front of your security team while minimizing the chances that vulnerabilities are disclosed through unsuitable and unsecured channels.