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CODEX Exchange

CODEX is a licensed trading platform for cryptocurrencies & digital assets, built on vanguard security infrastructure and revolutionary reward system. CODEX offers one of the lowest fees on the market and trade mining program.

12 reports 10 members

Start date: 04/03/2019
Maximum reward: $3000.0
Total views: 6223


HackenProof is a Bug Bounty and Vulnerability Coordination Platform. We connect our customers with the global hacker community to uncover security issues in their products. By running custom-tailored bug bounty programs we help our customers significantly reduce the risk of losing their data to cybercriminals.


73 reports 45 members

Maximum reward: $1500.0
Total views: 9442

Kuna Crypto Exchange

The first public crypto exchange, which launched the development of basic infrastructure for the innovative finteсh-projects both in Ukraine and in foreign markets. TOP cryptocurrencies and tokens, high level of security and reliability, user-friendly interface, advanced API and respectful customer support round the clock.


42 reports 38 members

Start date: 01/21/2019
Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 10569

10 reports 6 members

Maximum reward: $10000.0
Total views: 5828

5 reports 5 members

Maximum reward: $3000.0
Total views: 5394

everiToken | blockchain

everiToken is world's first token-customized public chain aiming to be the best infrastructure to tokenize everything and for token economy. After a successful mainnet launch on 2018/07/31, everiToken has achieved high TPS(5,000+), high security and high standardization


5 reports 4 members

Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 5879

Crypviser Network

The Crypviser Network is an all-in-one decentralized communications platform, featuring not only instant messaging, voice and video calls, but also a secure crypto wallet, local protection features and more. Users can access the network through user-friendly Crypviser Apps.


Completion date: 10/26/2019
Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 5256

Crypviser Secure Messenger

Crypviser  is the most private messaging app, as it is based on Blockchain technology. The decentralized Crypviser Messenger lets you to enjoy private cam chat & voice calls with automated blockchain encryption.


2 reports 2 members

Start date: 12/12/2018
Maximum reward: $3000.0
Total views: 4973

Dragon King

In 2018 NEVERDIE launched Dragon King the first blockchain strategy game to utilize NDC and TPT and the NEVERDIE crypto gaming wallet and API to support developers to integrate NDC and TPT into the next generation of online games.


6 reports 6 members

Maximum reward: $1500.0
Total views: 6010
smart contract

Total views: 4755

HackIT 4.0

HackIT – it’s an informational security forum that gathering community of experts. Forum website – it’s a place where people can sign up by sending their personal data, buy ticket and look at the content of event.


10 reports 10 members

Total views: 5591

29 reports 16 members

Total views: 5752

Neverdie Smart Contract

NEVERDIE launched the NEVERDIE Coin (NDC) and the Teleport token (TPT) in 2017 to unite virtual worlds and online games on the blockchain with interoperable virtual goods.

smart contract

Maximum reward: $3000.0
Total views: 4919

Neverdie Web

NEVERDIE is a driving force in Virtual Pop Culture and the economics of the Virtual goods market, Setting and breaking numerous Guinness World Records since 2004 for the Most Valuable Virtual items.


25 reports 12 members

Maximum reward: $1500.0
Total views: 6037

TTC | Mobile

TTC Connect, a lightweight wallet designed specifically for TTC, it was used to receive and send TTC safely and easily!


7 reports 6 members

Start date: 12/13/2018
Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 5798

TTC | Protocol

The TTC Protocol is a decentralized and token incentivized social networking protocol that aims to provide a brand new social experience for users all over the world. The TTC Protocol connects every participant in the TTC ecosystem by establishing common guidelines for different DAPPs.


3 reports 3 members

Completion date: 08/02/2019
Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 6991


The SDK allows developers and communities to easily integrate TTC Protocol into their services which will grant access to the TTC Ecosystem. The release of TTC SDK lays the foundation for DAPPs in TTC Ecosystem and TReE (TTC Reward Engine.) Currently, TTC SDK is implemented into tataUFO and ALIVE, the first two DAPPs in the TTC Ecosystem.

mobile blockchain

Completion date: 10/19/2019
Maximum reward: $5000.0
Total views: 5229

VeChainThor VIP191

VeChainThor VIP191 Designated Gas Payer function


1 reports 1 members

Start date: 05/28/2019
Completion date: 06/18/2019
Maximum reward: $10000.0
Total views: 2986