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Your program goals

We help to set a clear scope, agree on a budget and make recommendations based on your company`s needs.

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Bug Bounty Program Launch

We launch your program and reach out to our committed crowd of hackers, attracting top talent to your bounty program by with consistent and coordinated attention.

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Bug Hunting

Our community of hackers starts searching for vulnerabilities.

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Vulnerabilities are submitted and managed via our Coordination platform.

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Triage and Fixes

Reports are reviewed and triaged by the HackenProof team, and then passed on to your security team for fixing.

Depending on preference, you can choose to publicly disclose any reports, once the issues are resolved.


Proven approach to security: don't deal with hacking attacks, prevent them instead. Since there is no IT product that doesn't have a bug, there is a question: how can we minimize risks?

In 2017 Apple invested up to $1 million in security. As a result, vulnerabilities that could have caused a loss of several billion dollars and significant reputational damage were detected and fixed. Thinking ahead ensures a good ROI, doesn’t it?


We connect business with a community of bug hunters from different parts of the globe. Our bug bounty platform guarantees that various approaches are applied to identify possible vulnerabilities and prevent the threat ahead of time.

“That’s why Intel launched a $250,000 Bug Bounty Program to find vulnerabilities and wash away the image of a disastrous patching process” (c).


The core of HackenProof platform is an ethical cooperation between cybersecurity professionals and IT companies who care about security. We ensure responsible and coordinated vulnerability disclosure in order to encourage white hat hackers to protect modern business.


Tokenized platform means it’s decentralized and shared among the community. Having remuneration in HKNs, bug hunters are the main stakeholders of the platform.

HKN price depends directly on the quality of provided services, number of secured clients, and overall size of the white hat community.

Members of Hacken Community involve actively the best hackers as well as attract new clients to the platform.

  • Sandeep "geekboy" Singh

    Top hacker

    Reported low severity bug via HackenProof and ended up getting 100 HKNs which was equivalent to $100 at that time and later jumped to around $800

  • Ruslan Gavrilyuk

    CEO of TaaS

    We purchased HKNs during the ICO at the price of around 1 USD per token . We received the services at 5 times better price, since HKNs value increased by almost 5 USD.


Are you sure you are not under surveillance?

  • VeChain is a leading global enterprise level public blockchain platform. It aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model, as well as advanced IoT integration, and pioneers in real-world applications.

    In order to help secure data of their customers, VeChain Foundation turned to HackenProof to run a Private Bug Bounty Program at first, and later switched to a Public Program.

    VeChain COO Kevin Feng: “VeChain values security as the first priority for a public blockchain platform made for enterprises adoption. And we chose the HackenProof platform to host a bug bounty to leverage the power of the community.”

    • reports


    • vulnerabilities


    • mode

      public bug bounty

  • Registered in Zug Switzerland, everiToken is world's first token-customized public chain aiming to be the best infrastructure to tokenize everything and for token economy.

    Built on everiToken blockchain, everiPay provides world's fastest, safest and commerically avaiable micropayments solutions.

    everiToken CTO Harry Wong: Hackenproof is such an important and necessary platform for everiToken blockchain. Security is our first priority, so I appreciate the significance of the cooperation with Hackenproof.

  • Interkassa is a payment processing system that operates with funds and requires a careful and rigorous approach to security.

    Previously Interkassa participated in a CTF game with elements of bug hunting at hacker`s conference HackIT.

    They had some doubts in a crowdsourced approach for their infrastructure’s security improvement that were vanished after choosing the right researchers and making a pre-launch of vulnerability rewarding program in a private mode.

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    • vulnerabilities


    • mode

      public bug bounty

  • OSA is an innovative project with AI and Big Data for automatic recognition, sorting and inventory of products at stores.

    Data breaches can cause massive damage to any company. This is especially true for companies operating with Big Data and holding a lot of sensitive information about vendors and companies.

    We launched a private bug bounty for OSA.

    • mode

      private bug bounty

  • NapoleonX is the first crypto asset manager project piloting trading bots.

    The vulnerability rewarding program was a magic wand which helped to deal with annoying blackmailers actively threatening and extorting payout in exchange for vulnerability disclosure.

    After some rapid crowd testing, we figured out that the project’s security was solid and the blackmailers had no choice but to retreat or move on to another target.

Meet most active researchers

Jack Cable

United States

Jack is 18 years old geek, and he is already one of the most prominent international ethical hackers, including his recent victory in the Hack the Air Force Program running by the US government. Currently he’s graduating from high school in one of Chicago’s suburbs. Jack shares his ideas about the future of hacking, being impressed with all the ancient Ukrainian architectures.

Sandeep “Geekboy” Singh


Geekboy grew up in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sandeep’s experience with hacking started with video games when he was only a kid. Now Geekboy has been bug bounty hunting over the last three years and is already in the top-5 on HackerOne. In his interview, Sandeep gives an elaborate opinion on Hacken’s burning principle and discusses the features of modern cryptocurrencies.

Tanner “cache-money”

United States

Tanner works as a Security Engineer in San Francisco. Having been fascinated with computers since he was a kid, Tanner got into cybersecurity when he hacked a multiplayer computer game as a teenager. His favorite question is well known, ‘What if?..’ Tanner describes the personality traits of a perfect ethical hacker and gives his opinion on why Hacken has the best chance for becoming the international standard.

Julian “subzero1993” Keller


Julian grew up in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently, he’s studying for a Mobile Systems Master’s degree at Furtwangen University. Like many young hackers, Julian started out with hacking his favorite games and then discovered how he could boost his budget by participating in all the numerous bug bounty programs. Having some prior experience with Ethereum, Julian likes the idea of a dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers.

Parth Malhotra


Parth is 19, and grew up in the legendary Hisar; a city in the state Haryana, India. Parth became interested in hacking at the bright young age of 14 and wanted to stand up and defend himself after being attacked online. In his interview, Parth expresses his fascination with the history of Ukraine, and offers his advice to aspiring ethical hackers and calls Hacken ‘a good investment’.

Shahmeer Amir


He moved to Karachi with his family at the age of 13. He graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering from Usman Institute of Technology. Currently, Shahmeer is the CEO of Veiliux, a cybersecurity consulting firm based in Dubai. In this brief interview, Shahmeer tells the stories from his youth, shares his impressions about the professional journey of the hacker and lays out his vision for Hacken.

Yasser Ali


Yasser Ali is a senior security consultant ranked 6th top 10 Web Hacking techniques of 2014 and featured by BBC in the documentary “How Hackers Steal Your ID”. He is active in the Information security field for over 7 years. The community recognize him for his great bug submissions on famous tech companies. Yasser Ali also maintains a blog where he reveals his techniques and finds.

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