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The Hacken’s principle is: H — hackers
A — and
C — customers
K — keep
E — ethical
N — neighborhood


HackenProof is an innovative decentralized platform, which is aimed to provide both cybersecurity services for customers, as well as proper working conditions for the researchers. Hacken was found by the group of like-minded people, who want to make the global IT industry more secure and highly protected from cybercriminals.

The core of HackenProof platform is the ethical cooperation between cybersecurity professionals and respectful IT businesses, which are looking for CS services.

HackenProof researchers are talented and skilled like-minded people, who works strictly up to the the rules of ethical hacking.

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bug bounty marketplace

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Our cultural origins impact the way we perceive information and… discover vulnerabilities or defend against cyberattacks. While the market is currently dominated by the Silicon Valley bug bounty and penetration testing providers, there’s still plenty of room for players coming from different cultural perspective.


Hacken uses out of the box thinking and unconventional proprietary tools to discover vulnerabilities. Sometimes we discover things you would have never expected from a bug bounty program.

Dedicated to Blockchain

Our ecosystem grew out of the blockchain and will always remember its roots. After conducting our own token sale we know the issues a blockchain-based project is facing not from books, but from everyday operations. We’re also investing a lot of effort into educating our community members about blockchain technology, its use cases and implications.

The human stories

Shahmeer Amir, Pakistan

Shahmeer Amir moved to Karachi with his family at the age of 13. He graduated with a degree in Electronic Engineering from Usman Institute of Technology. Currently Shahmeer is the CEO of Veiliux, a cybersecurity consulting firm based in Dubai. In this brief interview Shahmeer tells the stories from his youth, shares his impressions about the professional journey of the hacker and lays out his vision for Hacken.

Jack Cable, United States

Jack is 17 and already one of the most prominent international ethical hackers, including his recent victory in the Hack the Air Force Program run by the US government. Currently he’s completing his high school education in one of Chicago’s suburbs. Jack shares his ideas about the future of hacking, being impressed with the ancient Ukrainian architecture and having to make up for all the classes he missed while attending HackIT Cup.

Sandeep ‘Geekboy’ Singh, IndiaPitch Contest

Geekboy grew up in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sandeep’s experience with hacking started with video games when he was only a kid. Now Geekboy has been bug bounty hunting over the last three years and is already in the top-5 on HackerOne. In his interview, Sandeep gives an elaborate opinion on the Hacken’s burning principle and discusses the features of modern cryptocurrencies.

Tanner E, United States

Tanner works as a security engineer in San Francisco. Having been fascinated with computers since he was a kid, Tanner got into cybersecurity when he hacked a multiplayer computer game as a teenager. His favorite question is well known, ‘What if?..’ Tanner describes the personality traits of a perfect ethical hacker and gives his opinion on why Hacken has the best chances for becoming an international standard.

Parth Malhotra, India

Parth is 19, he grew up in legendary Hisar, city of the state Haryana, India. Parth became interested in hacking when he was at the bright young age of 14 and wanted to stand up and defend himself after being attacked online. In his interview Parth expresses his fascination with the history of Ukraine, and offers his advice to the aspiring ethical hackers and calls Hacken ‘a good investment’.

Julian Keller

Julian grew up in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Currently he’s studying the Mobile Systems master’s degree at Furtwangen University. Like many other young hackers Julian started out with hacking his favorite games and then discovered how he could amp up his budget by participating in all the numerous bug bounty programs. Having some prior experience with Ethereum, Julian likes the idea of having a dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers.