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ZetaChain Blockchain Software: Program info

ZetaChain Blockchain Software

Company: ZetaChain
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Program info

ZetaChain an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain that connects everything: Build interoperable dApps that span any chain including Bitcoin; access all chains from one place.

This bug bounty program focuses on the node software deployed to validators and RPC nodes. This code is responsible for network consensus, internal transactions, cross-chain transactions, staking, etc.

In scope

This is ZetaChain’s blockchain node and an observer validator client.


This is ZetaChain’s blockchain node and an observer validator client.


Focus Area

The list is not limited to the following submissions but it gives an overview of what issues we care about:

  • Protocol insolvency
  • Compromise of the “TSS Address” that leads to unauthorized transactions
  • Unintended minting of ZETA token.
  • Stealing or loss of funds
  • Unauthorized transaction
  • Transaction manipulation
  • Price manipulation
  • Fee payment bypass
  • Balance manipulation
  • Contracts execution flows
  • Consensus flaws
  • Peer-to-peer network flaws
  • Cryptographic flaws

Program Rules

Rewards for critical vulnerabilities are capped at 10% of economic damage, with the main consideration being the funds affected in addition to PR and brand considerations, at the discretion of the team.

  • Make every effort not to damage or restrict the availability of products, services, or infrastructure
  • All testing should be done on private testnets
  • Avoid compromising any personal data, interruption, or degradation of any service
  • Don’t access or modify other user data, localize all tests to your accounts
  • Perform testing only within the scope
  • Don’t exploit any DoS/DDoS vulnerabilities, social engineering attacks, or spam
  • Don’t break any law and stay in the defined scope
  • Any details of found vulnerabilities must not be communicated to anyone who is not a HackenProof Team or an authorized employee of this Company without appropriate permission

Disclosure Guidelines

  • Report any suspected vulnerability promptly.
  • Do not attempt to exploit a vulnerability without prior authorization.
  • Do not publicly disclose a vulnerability before it is reported and patched.
  • Do not access data or systems beyond the scope of the vulnerability.
  • Do not use social engineering techniques.
  • Do not attempt to access accounts or personal data of users.

Eligibility and Coordinated Disclosure

We are happy to thank everyone who submits valid reports which help us improve the security. However, only those that meet the following eligibility requirements may receive a monetary reward:

  • You must be the first reporter of a vulnerability.
  • The vulnerability must be a qualifying vulnerability
  • Any vulnerability found must be reported no later than 24 hours after discovery and exclusively through hackenproof.com
  • You must send a clear textual description of the report along with steps to reproduce the issue, include attachments such as screenshots or proof of concept code as necessary.
  • You must not be a former or current employee of us or one of its contractor.
  • ONLY USE the EMAIL under which you registered your HackenProof account (in case of violation, no bounty can be awarded) Provide detailed but to-the point reproduction steps
Range of bounty$0 - $100,000
$25,000 - $100,000
$10,000 - $20,000
$1,000 - $5,000
Total rewards$10,000
Bugs found4
SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Time within which the program's triage team must respond
Response TypeBusiness days
First Response3d
Triage Time3d
Reward Time7d
Resolution Time14d