HackenProof partners up with СredShields

Dmytro Matviiv
Product Owner, HackenProof
2 Minutes Read

Introducing СredShields

CredShields is a Web 3.0 security organization building best-in-class Web 3.0 security automation tools along with providing manual auditing services with a diversified portfolio of reputed organizations.

Established in 2021, built by renowned security researchers from the industry, and backed by the best, CredShields aims to simplify and optimize the auditing process, making them affordable and available to everyone.

CredShield has built a cloud-based smart contract security scanner – https://solidityscan.com. It has 100+ security vulnerability detection patterns for Solidity-based smart contracts. The platform also allows to generate & publish an audit report at a click of a button after addressing all the vulnerabilities.

Partnership opportunities

HackenProof partners up with CredShields to exchange bug bounties with the smart contract scanner. Basically, CredShields will publish their clients on HackenProof, while the bounty platform recommends Solidity Scan as a go-to-software for automating smart contract security.

Partner up with HackenProof

HackenProof is open to more partnership opportunities.

You are welcome to contact our team to discuss our goals.

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