HackenProof partners up with Armur

Dmytro Matviiv
CEO HackenProof
1 Minute Read

Introducing Armur

Armur is a software development company working on cybersecurity products for web3 projects:

  • Katana – Smart Contract Deep-Audits with A.I.
  • Kendo – Real Time security and threat assessment for DEFI, NFT Platforms and dApps.
  • Dojo – Network level security for blockchains while providing interoperability (Layer 0)
  • Shuriken – Security toolset for nodes and miners

Partnership opportunities

HackenProof partners up with Armur to help the company extend their product reach to the crypto community. In exchange, Armur will use HackenProof as a bug bounty product for their customers.

Partner up with HackenProof

HackenProof is open to more partnership opportunities.

You are welcome to contact our team to discuss your goals.

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