HackenProof partners up with Detasecure

Dmytro Matviiv
CEO HackenProof
1 Minute Read

Introducing DeTaSECURE

DeTaSECURE is a full-stack cyber security firm awarded by Polygon, Solana, and ETHNYC that helps both web2 and web3 companies with all of their cyber security and audit requirements.

They provide a wide range of services, including smart contract audit, web/mobile application security audit, penetration testing, Data breach discovery and analysis, threat modelling, and employee security awareness training.

Along with the services, DeTaSECURE also offers a SaaS platform called GETSecured for automated audit and data breach discovery in a simplified and affordable manner.

Partnership opportunities

HackenProof partners up with DeTaSECURE to enable their triage team on the bug bounty platform. DeTaSECURE will handle upcoming reports from their clients and consult on security improvements.

Partner up with HackenProof

HackenProof is open for more partnership opportunities.

You are welcome to contact our team to discuss our goals.

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