Resonance <> HackenProof Partnership

Dmytro Matviiv
CEO HackenProof
1 Minute Read

Announcing a Strategic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Resonance, a leading firm specializing in smart contract auditing. This collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive and cutting-edge protection solutions for businesses involved with Web3, blockchain, and emerging technologies.

Resonance’s Expertise in Auditing

Resonance is known for its robust smart contract auditing solutions. By leveraging its expertise, Resonance helps businesses to secure their digital assets and stay ahead of potential threats. The firm offers quality end-to-end protection and ensures that the smart contracts are free of any security vulnerabilities that might compromise their operations.

Raising the Cybersecurity Bar

The partnership between HackenProof and Resonance promises to raise the bar for cybersecurity in an increasingly digital world. The collaboration is expected to create a synergistic effect, combining HackenProof’s broad cybersecurity platform with Resonance’s specialized smart contract auditing capabilities.

A Proactive Approach to Cyber Threats

Together, we will deliver a full-stack security solution that caters to diverse business needs, ranging from traditional web platforms to the most advanced blockchain-based systems.

In the face of ever-evolving cyber threats, the HackenProof-Resonance partnership exemplifies the proactive and innovative approach that cybersecurity firms need to adopt. It is anticipated that this c

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