Andrii Stepanov
Marketing Manager

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new logo and website design for HackenProof. This update represents our ongoing commitment to innovation, enhancing user experience, and leading the cybersecurity industry.

The New HackenProof Logo

Our new logo is more than a visual update; it signifies our growth and dedication to cybersecurity excellence. The modern design represents our core values of integrity, clarity, and vision in protecting the WEB3 world.

Redesigned Website for Ethical Hackers

Our redesigned website offers a completely revamped experience tailored to our ethical hacker community. Recognizing that websites must evolve, we have enhanced navigation, functionality, and accessibility to ensure smoother and more productive interactions.

The new website design provides intuitive access to critical information and tools, making it easier to find what you need. Improvements include advanced search features, optimized report submission processes, and seamless integration with essential tools. Additionally, our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the improved accessibility features.

Key Milestones Since Launch

Since our inception, HackenProof has achieved significant milestones, demonstrating our impact and growth in the cybersecurity field:

  • Paid to hackers: $9,353,400
  • Ethical hackers: Over 30,000
  • Submitted reports: 16,680
  • Active programs: 145

Looking Ahead

As we unveil our new logo and website design, we invite you to explore the enhanced features and experience the improvements firsthand. This transformation marks the beginning of a new chapter for HackenProof, where we continue to innovate and excel in cybersecurity. We are committed to building a secure and resilient WEB3 world together with our community of ethical hackers.

Visit our new website today and discover how HackenProof is evolving to meet your needs and lead the way in cybersecurity.