New Blockchain Security Track on Hack The Box in Collaboration with HackenProof!

Andrii Stepanov
Marketing Manager
2 Minutes Read

We are thrilled to announce that Hack The Box, in partnership with HackenProof, has launched a brand-new track dedicated to blockchain security. This exciting development is set to revolutionize the way hackers approach and understand the intricacies of blockchain vulnerabilities.

This collaboration involves Hack The Box’s renowned CTF-style platform with HackenProof’s deep-rooted expertise in blockchain security. The result? A transformative learning experience that’s second to none.

What you need to know about Track

Blockchain Security Focus:

  • This track is meticulously designed to help hackers amplify their blockchain hacking prowess. As blockchain technology continues to evolve and integrate into various sectors, the need for adept blockchain security professionals is paramount.

Gamified Learning:

  • True to our commitment to engaging education, we’ve taken a unique approach. The challenges are not just theoretical; they are fully gamified, offering an immersive 8-bit RPG experience. Dive deep into the world of blockchain while enjoying a captivating gaming experience.

Diverse Challenges:

  • The track boasts 8 distinct challenges, each focusing on different vulnerabilities inherent in blockchain technology. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something for everyone, with challenges ranging from easy to very hard difficulty.

What benefits you will receive

Besides receiving new skills and knowledge in blockchain security, HackenProof will provide a few features which will be eligible only for hackers who passed a blockchain security track.

  • Exclusive Opportunities for Bug Bounty Hunters: If you’re a bug bounty hunter, and you completed the HackenProof track, you’re in for a treat!
    Not only will you be eligible to participate in a private crowdsourced smart contract contest, but you’ll also earn a special badge on your profile, marking your achievement.

Join the Revolution in Blockchain Security Education!

We invite hackers, cybersecurity enthusiasts, and learners from all walks of life to join us on this groundbreaking journey. Dive into the world of blockchain security, sharpen your skills, and be part of the next wave of blockchain security experts.

Start hacking now and be at the forefront of blockchain security!

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