Celer Network cBridge was Hacked in DNS Attack

Hacken Ecosystem
1 Minute Read

The cBridge cross-chain bridge built on the Celer Network suffered a DNS hack. DNS poisoning attack on August 17 resulted in the loss of $240,000 for users. Some users could be redirected to malicious smart contracts while using the bridge. So far, the platform interface has been disabled, and project representatives have urged users to revoke permissions from all contracts. The team also assures that a few users were affected, to whom everything is compensated, and the Celer protocol and its smart contracts were not affected.

The team responded quickly, and the number of affected users was minimized. In the meantime, developers asked to check and revoke any potential approvals and cross-check contract addresses when using cBridge and any other DeFi apps. The frontend didn’t work for the first few hours after the attack, but CelerNetwork claimed it would be reopened shortly. They were right. cBridge frontend is up and running now.

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