Bug Bounty Program for ground-breaking DEX Pandora — Earn up to $50K

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HackenProof has launched the bug bounty program for Pandora, a next-gen decentralized ecosystem that aims to redefine and disrupt decentralized finance through AMM, NFTs, and GameFi. You can earn up to $50K for revealing a critical severity bug (it is one the highest paid programs in the history of HackenProof).

There are two subprograms launched:

  • Web: Pandora WEB (up to $8K)
  • Smart contract: Pandora Smart Contract (up to $50K)

Why participate in this program?

Pandora is going to bring more emotions to the DeFi space to transform the way people engage with this world. Pandora community is uniting >200K members on Telegram and >60K members on Twitter. Pandora’s long-term vision is to become the highest-paid DEX in the DeFi space thereby setting itself apart from other conventional DEXs. The popularity of this platform will be also ensured through the integration of an unparalleled decentralized jackpot system into the protocol.

By securing Pandora you will contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technologies since this project is also going to nurture and incubate promising startups with a focus on GameFi, NFTs, and Metaverse through its IDO launchpad.

There is the race called DroidBots existing in the depths of PandoVerse. These droids are waiting to be freed by humans. They will be discovering planets until they reach the planet called DeFi. To free a droidbot users need to open a PandoBox. These droidbots will become your loyal servants and will be looking for gems to reward them to their master. Just imagine what a big metaverse you can secure from external risks by participating in this bug bounty program.

Pandora is setting ambitious goals for Q2 and Q3 2022. The project is going to be listed on major crypto exchanges, CoinMarketCap, and Coingecko and enter into strategic partnerships with top industry bodies.

Pandora considers the bug bounty program on HackenProof as the determinant of the successful realization of its roadmap. So, it is a high responsibility for the HackenProof community, let’s show that we are the best white hat hackers community in the DeFi space.

The program will be active by 18 February 2023. You can become a hero who will protect >250K users against possible loss of assets and will give a chance to Pandora to become a ground-breaking DeFi ecosystem. Don’t miss this opportunity.

About Pandora

Banking on AMM, GameFi, and multitasking NFTs, Pandora is creating a holistic and disruptive decentralized ecosystem that will transform the way people engage with DeFi, not just financially but also emotionally. By adopting the dual-token model and providing diverse utility to its two native tokens, Pandora can offer more incentives to end users and token holders alike while ensuring better usability of both the tokens.

For more information about Pandora, refer to:

Pandora Website
Pandora Twitter
Pandora Telegram
Pandora Reddit

About HackenProof

HackenProof was founded in late 2017 and the project is the vital element of the Hacken ecosystem of cybersecurity products. HackenProof is the platform hosting bug bounty programs for businesses representing the blockchain world such as crypto exchanges, DeFi platforms, and industry institutions. The list of projects that have cooperated with HackenProof includes such well-known brands as Avalanche, CoinGecko, Gate.io, Kalmar, etc.

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