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Imagine being able to mine cryptocurrency on your phone, wouldn’t that be great? Enecuum is working hard to make that a reality.

Enecuum – the world’s first and only blockchain platform with the possibility of mobile mining. Its mining component is based on an improved version of Bitcoin-NG which allows for the mining of many different network blocks in parallel. The platform is optimized for building business applications focused on solving practical problems.

To help secure their Smart Contracts, Enecuum is hosting a Public Bug Bounty on HackenProof platform and is putting upfront a prize pool of $20 000.

We are therefore happy to invite all researchers to register for the program. You can find more information about Enecuum Public Bug Bounty program on their program page.

Security is one of the key standards that the Enecuum team is guided by. We are very proud to be the platform of their choice and will do our best to deliver the best service possible.

About Enecuum:

Enecuum is the next-generation blockchain that improves security through mathematical smart contracts, allowing instant transactions with zero commission and solving the problem of network scaling by simultaneously supporting three algorithms for mining: PoS, PoW, PoA. Enecuum developers have solved the problem of scaling and created a fundamentally new method of transaction recording called HyperDAG. The platform is so flexible that it allows a client to create almost any solution for B2B and B2C segments: from payment services to secure corporate data exchange systems.

For more information, please visit: enecuum.com