Hacken Ecosystem

EveriToken believes that with the popularization of blockchain technology, virtually everything will circulate rapidly on blockchain. The everiToken public blockchain is determined to become the infrastructure in the era of token economy. Whether it’s an airline ticket or a large building – anything can be exchanged between people by issuing tokens. And it’s not going to take more than a few taps on your smartphone.

everiToken’s mission is to provide everyone with an opportunity to enjoy massive benefits brought by token economy. You can check a short business-case video made by the everiToken team that showcases their technology.

To help secure data of their blockchain code, everiToken is launching a public bug bounty program on HackenProof. EveriToken will award hackers up to $5000 for critical security vulnerabilities.

EveriToken is sending a clear statement to the crypto community, that in order to convince the public that your product is safe, it should be constantly tested by an independent third party. At HackenProof, we share everiToken’s ideas and values and are proud to be the bug bounty platform of their choice. For us, it’s yet another opportunity to help young companies build safer blockchain products.

We are therefore happy to invite all researchers to take part in the program. You can find more information about everiToken bug bounty program on their program page.

About everiToken:

Registered in Zug Switzerland, everiToken is world’s first token-customized public chain aiming to be the best infrastructure to tokenize everything and for token economy. After a successful mainnet launch on 2018/07/31, everiToken has achieved high TPS(5,000+), high security and high standardization. EveriToken invents Safe Contract to replace the traditional smart contract layer of a typical public chain structure. Both traditional applications(Apps) and decentralized Apps(DApps) could use everiToken’s core functions by calling token-related APIs. Please visit everiToken for more information.