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VeChain Foundation is making a comeback to HackenProof yet again by launching a Public Bug Bounty for their newly released VeChainThor Mobile Wallet. This will be the third time VeChain Foundation has launched a bug bounty program on our platform!

As you may recall, earlier in May, VeChain Foundation has started a Private Bug Bounty Program to test VeChainThor for security vulnerabilities. Later in June, VeChain Foundation has switched to a Public Program.

During both programs, our team of ethical hackers has only been able to report low-level vulnerabilities (some of the reports are public and can be viewed here). This is a true statement to the quality of the product that VeChain Foundation is building.

VeChain Foundation is currently migrating from ERC20 (VEN) tokens to their own VeChain Tokens – VET. To help their users transfer their tokens, VeChain Foundation has released their own mobile wallets.

The main functions of the VeChainThor Wallet include:

  • creating a wallet;
  • transferring and receiving VET and VTHO;
  • X Node binding;
  • collecting VeThor rewards, including the base generation rate, any VeChain Foundation rewards, and any Economic Node or X Node VeThor rewards;
  • swapping any other VEN tokens for VET tokens.

For more information, please refer to the VeChainThor Wallet User’s Manual.

To help secure data of their customers, VeChain Foundation turned to HackenProof to run a Public Bug Bounty program. VeChain will award hackers up to $3,000 for critical security issues.

VeChain Foundation has proven yet again, that security is one of the core values of the company. We are happy to invite all researchers to take part in the program. You can find more information about VechainThor Public Bug Bounty program on the program page.

About VeChain:

VeChain is a leading global enterprise level public blockchain platform. VeChain aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model as well as advanced IoT integration, and pioneers in real-world applications. Several industries including luxury goods, agriculture, logistics, food/drug, and governments are already using VeChain blockchain technology. For more information, please visit: VeChain.org