Live Hacking Events

Host a bug bounty event custom-tailored to your needs, to allow top hackers from all over the world to secure your product together with your in-house security team

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Get undivided attention on your product by some of the best white hat hackers in the world in a trusted environment

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Jump-start your program by finding critical vulnerabilities in a short time-frame

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Let your internal team exchange experience with the top security researchers

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Promote your security
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Test your product and meet the best hackers in the world

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Vitaliy Diatlenko,
CTO at Uklon

For 9 hours, 25 ethical hackers have been testing our website and mobile apps. Throughout the whole day, Uklon’s technical team have been discussing reported vulnerabilities with hackers that were present at the event. I think that Bug Bounty Programs are a great and cost-efficient way to strengthen security for large and mature companies.

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Vadim Andryan,
CEO at Crypviser

It was really empowering to witness the hacker community working in person. Our security team was able to collaborate live with top hackers face-to-face, helping us find more bugs faster. We felt excitement throughout the whole event.

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