Hack The Bank 2.0

Dmytro Matviiv
Product Owner, HackenProof
1 Minute Read

What is Hack The Bank 2.0?

Hack The Bank 2.0 was a two-week private bug bounty for a fintech company.

Our second private bug bounty was a huge success. Twenty top gun researchers submitted 50+ reports of various severity. They even uncovered a few critical vulnerabilities which could lead to data leakage.

A critical bug was rewarded with a $2k bounty. The most active researchers also got their exciting gifts from HackenProof.

What is a private bug bounty?

A bug bounty is a crowdsourced pentest where high-skill researchers detect vulnerabilities in your systems for rewards. You only pay for valid and vetted bugs. In a private program, you control who can access the bounty.

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