[New Bug Bounty] UaCatsDivision Has Launched Bug Bounty Program

Alex Horlan
Head of Triage, HackenProof
1 Minute Read

Meet UaCatsDivision

UACatsDivision is the first national NFT collection featuring сats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs, created to raise 40M UAH for the Ukrainian military naval drone.

Check Out The Rewards

If you find a vulnerability according to the bounty rules, you will be rewarded with reputation points. The most creative reports will receive NFT!

Join The Bounty Hunt

There is smart contract to scope!

Make sure your reports contain info about these incidents:

  • We are looking for evidence and reasons for the incorrect behavior of the smart contract, which could cause unintended functionality:
  • Stealing or loss of funds
  • Unauthorized transaction
  • Transaction manipulation
  • Attacks on logic (behavior of the code is different from the business description)
  • Reentrancy
  • Reordering
  • Over and underflows

Once you’re ready, click here to join the bounty hunt!

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